Client: Frontiers Records
Band: State Of Salazar
Project:  Superhero Album - 8 Page Jewelcase CD & gatefold LP Artwork and Layout design

STATE OF SALAZAR was started in 2010 by five students from the Malmö Academy of Music who wanted to play rock music made for the big arenas. The singer and songwriter, Marcus Nygren, came up with the concept for State of Salazar in 2009 when a couple of songs that he’d written did not fit his metal-based band 8-Point Rose.

1.    If You Wait For Me
2.    My Heart Is At War
3.    Hold On Tonight
4.    Masquerade
5.    She’s A Loaded Gun
6.    Lie To Me
7.    Joanne
8.    Someone I Know
9.    To The Wire
10.    Love Will Find A Way
11.    Superhero

PRODUCED BY: State of Salazar

Marcus Nygren – Lead vocals & backing vocals
Kevin Hosford – Keyboards & lead vocals
Johan Thuresson – Guitars
Johannes Hansson – Bass
Kristian Brun – Drums
Kristina Talajic – Lead Vocals on Lie To Me
Rasmus Nyvall – Saxophone on Love Will Find A Way
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