Hi, I'm Mark Leary, aka: ASYLUMseventy7, artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, guitarist, music freak, kung fu master and 6’5 midget-gem fuelled, coffee obsessed bizarre concoction of cheerful pessimism.
Working across a few distinctive styles, I explore each project with enthusiasm and maturity. I hate shallow work! Influenced by the weird and wonderful – be it music, art, fashion or people – I enjoy taking projects left-field and love nothing more than working with people who have the same passion for exploring the new and experimenting with the norm, to create something that shows the best of my abilities and their desires.
Services on offer
As a creative chameleon I enjoy exploring possible solutions to art and design by using exactly what is needed to create the correct feel or emotion to the project. I'm happy working in a large variety of styles from hand made drawing/painting/collage through found objects/photography/photo-manipulation to mixing all these disciplines together to create something new, exciting and eye catching.
I'm happy working case by case but also offer a retainer service working as an in house creative designer on a satellite freelance basis so you get a full time on call designer as and when you need that quick job or new project worked on to a professional standard. 
Contact me for rates and availability 
Creative eye catching artwork and illustration for what ever you may need. From album and gig artwork to editorial illustrations in a variety of different media and styles.
• Album artwork
• Gig/event posters/flyers
• Book covers
• Editorial illustration
• Merchandise
• Lyric videos & Animated album teasers
Graphic design:
Having a professional look to your layout, concepts, designs, logos, branding, adverts, merchandise, marketing & promotional materials is essential to get a head in the industry.
• CD/LP/DVD art/layout/design
• Magazine/catalog artwork & layout
• Promotional/Advertisement materials
• Branding/logo design
Art direction:
Get your creative project a strong and cohesive look throughout the campaign from the start, from product to press and promotion.
• Concepts, ideas,
• Branding
• Campaign direction
• Art/design
• Sourcing art/photography
Getting the right set up and production plan from the start can save essential time and extra cost. We also have a manufacturing partner for all CD, vinyl and box set manufacture. contact me for details.
• Reprographics
• Print set up/advice
• Print recreation and restoration
• Production management
• Production planning
• Production sourcing
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