CLIENT: Frontiers Records
PROJECT: Johnny Gioeli - One Voice CD and LP Artwork and layout

Frontiers Records asked me to work with the awesome Johnny Gioeli on his debut solo album – One Voice. The artwork he wanted was to reflect the influence the fans have and how much they mean to him, so we created a huge image made up of hundreds of fan photos sent in for the project. This main image was then used in all the textures and layouts through the album, in cover artwork, lyric sheets, credits, labels and track listings.
1.    Drive
2.    It
3.    One Voice
4.    Mind Melt
5.    Running
6.    Deeper
7.    Let Me Know
8.    Hit Me Once, Hit Ya Twice
9.    Price We Pay
10.    Out Of Here
11.    Oh Fathers

PRODUCED BY: Alessandro Del Vecchio

Johnny Gioeli: Vocaals
Eric Gadrix: Guitars
Nik Mazzucconi: Bass
Marco Di Salvia: Drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards

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