CLIENT: Fronteirs Records
PROJECT: Graham Bonnet Band - Live In Tokyo CD/DVD & Blu Ray Artwork and Layout design.

After working with the Graham Bonnet Band on their last studio Album (Meanwhile… back in the garage)  it was a pleasure to work with them and Frontiers Records again this time on the live in Tokyo album on CD and Blu ray. Here’s what we did for The Graham Bonnet Band – Live in Tokyo Album Artwork and layout design.
1.    Eyes Of The World
2.    California Air
3.    S.O.S.
4.    Night Games
5.    Stand In Line
6.    Into The Night
7.    Love’s No Friend
8.    Dancer
9.    Samurai
10.    Desert Song
11.    Rider
12.    Since You’ve Been Gone
13.    Assault Attack
14.    All Night Long
15.    Lost In Hollywood
16.    The Crying Chair (Alternate Lyric Version)

Graham Bonnet – Vocals
Conrado Pesinato – Guitar
Beth-Ami Heavenstone – Bass
Jimmy Waldo – Keyboards
Mark Benquchea – Drums

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