PROJECT: Collette Von Tora portfolio shoot. 
I was given a great chance to shoot with Bizarre Magazine ultra vixion of the year 2010 and actress Collette Von Tora. For the project I came up with a few ideas and creative themes along with shooting a headdress brought by Collette.
Theres a farm on my head
Model, make up: Collette 
Farm, clouds, photography and editing: me @ASYLUMseventy7
Headdressed Zombie
Model and make up: Collette
Headdress: Devine Delinquents
Art Direction, photography and edit: Me @ASYLUMseventy7
Pretty eyes
Model and outfit: Collette
Headdress: Devine Delinquents
Art direction, flower eyes, photography and edit: Me @ASYLUMseventy7
Model, make up: Collette
Inspiration: The Dark Knight Rises
Photography and edit:Me @ASYLUMseventy7
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